(photo of TI and Tiny at TI’s post-farewell-concert party at the Velvet Room on Sunday. Spotted on PrinceWilliams/ATLPics via SandraRose….I just wanted to know….whats with the person in the foreground holding up their shoe?)

So there have been reports around the internets on some reputable sites, citing sources within TI’s camp who claim that before TI turned himself in on Tuesday, he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Tiny.

According to Tiny, that is not true. She and TI are not married.

(but on a related note….I can not wait for the Tiny and Toya reality show, premiering June 30 on BET (Necole Bitchie has more deets). Can Not Wait. I’m already a well-documented Tiny-fan. Not sold yet on Toya, who is Lil Wayne’s ex-wife and mom of his daughter Reginae…but I’m sure she’ll add to the sensationalism.)

photo of Tiny and Toya after the jump…

(toya, tiny, and friend….again, spotted on ALTpics via SandraRose)