Ne-yo is a pretty mild-mannered guy…he writes and sings really nice love songs that make us girls all gushy, and he has a humble manner about him. Aside from that one unfortunate sidekick gaff , Neyo has kept his nose squeaky clean.

So I was pretty surprised to here from a reliable source that a certain infamous lady is telling her friends that she is now dating Ne-yo….

supa n noi

supa n oprah

Karrine “Supahead” Steffans and Ne-“Because of You”-yo?

well, maybe we’ll see leaked mpegs instead of jpegs from this couple : )


HAHAHA….so LT Dinwiddie was at NEyo’s party last night and Supahead was Nowhere to be seen…..hahaha…..
Now mind you….she is the one who specifically told my source (a very reliable person) that she is dating Neyo. She volunteered it herself, hahaa……
poor thing.

like you guys are saying… night in the backseat of a car service is not the definition of dating I guess, lol….]