wow…..I have no words….well I have words, but I’m stunned. Just got off the phone with Jim Jones….(background: I’ve known Jimmy and Cam long before I was “Miss Info” so I’ve seen both of their careers develop over the years from both a professional standpoint and as a friend).


anyways, Jim told me, “on the record,” that he and the whole rest of the Diplomats crew, or the Dipset 300 as he put it….that they are collectively “putting Cam’ron on punishment.”

Are Jimmy and Juelz ex-communicating Cam’ron from Dipset? Can they even do that, since Cam’ron owns the brand?
Just marinate on that for a moment.

This Monday night, Jimmy is gonna be on the show…Funkmaster Flex (featuring Miss Info’s Celebrity Drama) on Hot97, so its pretty safe to say, that conversation is gonna shut down the city (and the world, thanks to the web). If you have an Amp’d Mobile phone, you can also hear it streaming live on your cell. Jim didnt want me to give everything away before he hits Funk Flex but he reached out today because we’ve known each other for a long time…..

Ok, on Monday, I’m pretty sure Jimmy is gonna share his feelings on this past week’s alleged incident in which Tru Life allegedly punched Cam’ron outside of Club Stereo. Remember, Cam’s camp has denied this happened. Jimmy has some shocking suspicions about what went down and why….EDIT: This may have been misleading, so let me clarify…as I reported last week, Cam’s camp did not deny that there was an altercation. They have confirmed that there was definitely an argument and an altercation. While Tru Life says he punched Cam, Cam’s side denies that Cam got punched. According to Cam’ron, his version goes like this: “There was a situation, I was by myself. I saw Tru Life, he came up beefing. One of his peoples were ‘right,’ I wasn’t. (meaning, armed) He swung on me, his man flashed. (meaning, a weapon). Big Joe came over. The police came over.”

To be real, I’m still in shock about what Jimmy said, but obviously there have been many signs of dissension in the ranks. If you look at the separation of projects, some public showings with noticeable absences, and then those interesting comments from 50 cent about Jim Jones during the 50-vs-Cam beef.

Now, to be fair, I’m gonna reach out to Cam’ron and get his side of the situation….and I’m sure he’ll speak to Flex too. But while we all wait for the other shoe to drop on Monday night with Flex….I’ll leave you with a quote from Jimmy. [EDIT: Dipset will be on Flex on Tuesday. Neither Jimmy nor Cam will be there. See new post above]

“Me and Cam’ron havent spoken to each other in a year…. I kept quiet out of loyalty, I felt like if we cant be friends then at least we can do business together….But now I can’t be next to you….I’m through wit being in hot water because of you….We still the Diplomats. We worked too hard to achieve our own success and now we’re gonna do something new….”

wow. Remember where you heard it first….Miss Info, Celebrity Drama, there’ll be more on Monday night when Jim Jones talks to Funkmaster Flex, on Hot97 NYC

UPDATE: According to an inside source, Juelz Santana is not siding against Cam….I’m confused and I hope all these guys meet in the middle and work things out peacefully. They’ve been friends since childhood, so you gotta think there’s a chance to resolve things. Right?

UPDATE 2: According to a Dipset insider, there are other members of Dipset who are also totally taken by surprise by this sentiment from Jim Jones, and they are also not in agreement. Cam’ron is not even in New York so that’s why he has been unavailable for comment on this.

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