(Thursday evening, Aug 9)

One of my inside sources just saw 50 cent completely black out in the G-unit offices. 50 was screaming into his blackberry phone, he ripped off a 70-inch plasma off the wall and at the end of the…err…chat, he threw the phone straight through the window of his executive office….shattering glass all over the midtown Manhattan street.

So what in the world could possibly have sent 50 into such a rage? Well, according to my source, right before 50 threw that cellular hail mary, he yelled something to the effect of, “You’re f—ing everything up, you’re messing up my look, my album. So you know what? I’m on f—in’ vacation now. F— you and F— Interscope……”
Here’s the inside story. Allegedly someone inside the Interscope camp may lose their job (or their head, if Fiddy has his way) because the video for 50’s 3rd single, called “Follow my Lead” featuring Robin Thicke, somehow just leaked to the web. Mind you, this single isn’t supposed to come out until October….that would be well after 50’s album Curtis drops and after his current single, “Ayo Technology,” (featuring a bigger blue-eye soulster Justin Timberlake,) has time to run its course.

But now 50’s carefully laid plans are all messed up. And after finding out about the leak, the G-unit general flipped so crazy that he allegedly told an executive at Interscope that he’s boycotting all promotional duties and possibly leaving the label… With just one month before the release of his album (and Kanye’s) on Sept. 11th.

Now for many of us jaded industry folk, the knee-jerk reaction is to sniff for publicity stunt stank. But the reason why I don’t smell premeditated ploy in this case is because having both songs out now, really isnt good music business. The 50/Justin song out and the 50/Robin song are just redundant. Plus, how’re you gonna have a video out for a song that hasnt been released to radio yet? No wonder 50 went bonkers.

According to G-unit sources, after the bug-out, 50 shouted out a final F— Interscope salutation and broke out without a trace. As of Friday afternoon, I dont think he’s resurfaced yet. (oh, also, I actually saw a photo of the plasma ripped off the wall. Which, yes I know, could be staged, but please refer to the prior paragraph, lol) It is fair? Well probably not, because there’s no telling how the video ended up at illroots.com. But for an artist with everyone on the line, 50 seems to be expressly not trying to hear anything but heads rolling, the more the merrier. The interesting part will be to see if he really tries to shut down or break away. Remember, 50’s contract is almost up. But to him, an indie like Koch is “a graveyard.”

Here’s the video that caused the melt-down….

[UPDATE: I was respectfully asked to remove this video, but not by 50 Cent, nor Interscope, nor Violator Management. So please dont start with the conspiracy theories.]