wayne partying

Wow. And I thought I was in a bad mood (see why here). The guys at Foundation Magazine sent over a little taste of their recent cawfee tawk with Weezy F Baby Please Say the Baby….and the baby was berry berry mad.

Listen to this audio….(from Mr Malo and Bmack at Foundation)


Lol…all I can think of is Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock saying “Uh oh…..emotions….are you having your womentimes?”

Not only does he belligerently insist that he’s the “originator” of the mixtape, Wayne then disowns his brainchild. “I dont know any mixtape djs, if you’re a mixtape dj, f–k y’all.” Mind you, he was being interviewed by….a mixtape magazine….awkward.

But inside sources tell me that Wayne’s hissy fit was really a result of him being mad at one particular mixtape DJ, who got some Carter 3 leaks. So he didnt really mean f–k y’all. Just f–k you, particular DJ.
I’m sure DJ Drama and the rest of the guys will understand….and hopefully those other guys will too: Clue and Doo Wop and Capri and Ron G., lol….

(thanks to Mikey Fresh as well)