rick ross meth missinfo

Well I played a couple clips of this phone conversation yesterday on Celebrity Drama on Hot97. (and thanks to Elliott Wilson and Eskay and DJ Juanito et al, alot of youse outside of the tri-state area got to listen in too, perhaps via Twitter)

But here is a longer clip of the interview (well, interview is a bit of a stretch because I couldn’t get a word in edgewise…but Ross was in a zone, I guess).

(He kept telling me this was a gift…I thought I put Chanel and Xbox games on my Elfster list, but I still appreciate the phonecall, Rick. LOL)

This chat actually preceded the release of the infamous “Curtis and Tia go to the Furrier” video, but clearly, Rick Ross already knew that had happened because he refers to his baby mom’s shopping trip.

Do you think Ross makes a point? Or do you think 50’s paramount pictures will prove too distracting even though the music is good?

Rick Ross on MissInfo.TV