My old pal Elliott Wilson has been quietly (ok, not really, lol) working on his new site, which will feature cool stuff from around the rap internets as well as its own original content…with added context that old heads like him and yours truly provide. Recently me and El caught up over chicken paillard and overpriced ground beef, and had fun sitting back looking at the way the game has changed…..but enough about us, here’s a sneak peek at Monday’s RapRadar launch….
I like the clean non-f–kery layout and I’m looking forward to working with Double R  in a mutually beneficial way, right El** ; )

**(“…my seeds marry his seeds, thats how we keep this rap-journo money all up in the family)

Rap Radar Home 1

Rap Radar Home 2

Rap Radar Home 6

Feels like when I used to read all the liner notes for like a Wu album, and analyze who all the people were getting props : ) Peep the side blogroll.

(thank you to El and Tracy N….two of the few ppl I’d pay for airport lounge access for : )

More sneak peeks after the jump as well as El’s description of RR’s sections….

El says:
Each post will be categorized by one of the sections above. They are:
Q&A (Rap Radar Exclusive Interviews)
Focus (Rap Radar Exclusives Video, Other Video)
Music (Album Reviews, Single Reviews, Random Tracks, Mixtapes, Breaks)
True Story (News)
Gossip (Rumors)
Party Life (Paparazzi, Live Show)
R&B (Soul)
Newsstand Stan (Content from magazines)
Clutch (Occasional Sports coverage)
Guest List (Outside Contributors)

On left is:
Top 5 Posts (I control order of what I feel are biggest stories of the day)
YN’s Blackout (Section where I go off on someone or something that’s
bothering me)
You Played Yourself (Epic Fail of the moment)
Video of the day (Highlighted clip of the moment)
Stay Connected (mailing list)
YN on Twitter

On right is:
Top 5 Songs (Rap Radar’s picks.)
Blog Roll (Extended salute to fellow comrades. As long as you link to
me, we’re down. If not you get booted.)”

Rap Radar Home 3

Rap Radar Home 4

Rap Radar Home 5

Rap Radar Home 7