*naming props go to the chatpals on the MissInfoTV videoplayer (I can’t remember if it was Sport, BBatson, Amp, Almighty, juS, Misfit, or another regulars who suggested this one)

PART 1: Today, Jimmy Rosemond aka Jimmy Henchmen called for the resignation of LA Times writer Chuck Phillips. Despite the paper’s lengthy apology, Rosemond told Sway and the MTV News team….

“when you have a reputable newspaper like the Los Angeles Times with a Pulitzer Prize winner like Chuck Philips to validate a rumor, then it becomes real…When you Google me, this affects me regardless, forever. I could always rebut a rumor, but this is something that’s well more damaging. And I think Chuck Philips had no regards to my reputation, for myself as a businessman, myself as a father, a family man, somebody’s son. And I think he did irreparable damage to my career, my reputation and everything else. I don’t think there is no other reward for me or my family that he can do. An apology isn’t going to do it. There has to be some form of reprimand in the sense of his job. He needs to lose his job.”

PART 2: I received some interesting documents today from a colleague. The docs originated from the office of Jimmy Rosemond’s lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman.

In these handwritten letters, duped LA Times writer Chuck Phillips asks two prison inmates to grant him interviews for his Biggie/Tupac investigative reports. The tone is insteresting.


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