fat joe and lorena

I spoke to Fat Joe today because he wants to set the record straight about this fake magazine cover that has been making it’s way around the web.

The fake magazine cover includes the ridiculous coverline: “Benzino’s Confessions: I Slept with Fat Joe’s wife. Lil’ Kim, Foxy, Misa, Melyssa Ford…It’s Nothing. Yiimean? I’m like the male Superhead…..Why Trina aborted my baby….My fling with Suge’s baby mama.” Fat Joe says the entire cover is a photoshopped fake intended to fool people into thinking that this magazine was really printing that story. In reality, the upcoming cover of that magazine actually features Young Buck.

Now I have no love for the main victim of this photoshop attack (not talking about Joe or Lorena) and most folks are probably just getting a giggle out of the whole thing, but I hate lies disguised as juicy gossip. So I understand Fat Joe’s anger and I definitely sympathize with his wife (who I know and who’s a very sweet gal). Hiphop beef is all part of the game, and these artists actually profit from it….but leave the wives and kids out of it, especially if they’re staying out of the limelight.

Anyone with half a brain can look at that cover art and see that it’s fake. First off, a real magazine cover would have a barcode with price and serial number, that’s mandatory. Secondly, as bad as that magazine is, no one would really use the word “YiiMean?” on the cover. What is that? Is that like “Why mean?” or “why (so) mean?” LOL, because it damn sure isn’t “Nahmean?”

Fat Joe and his legal eagles have sent cease-and-desist letters to websites that were posting the bogus cover art, and they’re planning to sue for defamation. Joe says that Benzino and Dave Mays reached out to make sure he knew that they had nothing to do with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if other women on the cover take legal action too.