lil wayne

So Lil Wayne’s recently revealed son has been born in Cincinnati, and many folks debate the identity of the lucky new mom, I might as well share this conversation I had with a celebrity drama insider…..

(Please note….since I haven’t officially confirmed this content, I’m still on level “Orange” aka Skeptical but the evidence is mounting.)

According to my source, while Lil Wayne has been re-wife-ing Nivea, he also “connected” (in the biblical sense) with a nail technician named Sarah from Cincinnati, Ohio.

The source said:

“Sarah B—-w is her name…my ex use to sleep with her too so that’s how I found out.

He wouldn’t really get into it ‘cuz he only told me that to basically be like “why would I be f—in’ her while she is pregnant by anotha n—a?”

She has “Mrs. Carter” tattooed on her chest. She deleted her myspace but it did say she wuz in a relationship and dat she is pregnant with a boy and is due this month…[she] even had pregnant photos up. So I don’t know, I’m believing it….She’s Vietnamese and white. Oh and she’s a lil girl. She just turned 21 in August and this is goin to be her 2nd child.”

UPDATED: photos of the real Weezy F Baby mama

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Sarah’s name doesn’t come up on the usual search engines, but according to Twitter-pal Stylerazzi’s sources, she went to Lakota West High School in West Chester, Ohio. So I asked the source if this “scoop” was just a smear campaign against a personal aquaintance.

The response: “I do have beef w/ her, why else would I be telling her business? [touche, celeb drama insider, touche] That’s all I know though, my ex used to play w/ the [Cincinnati] Bengals so I used to live over there and still communicate w/ other players’ wives so that’s how I know all of this.”

Wow….the gossip chatter matrix is a mutha…ain’t it? I just love my well-informed celeb drama cartel ; )

Well, babies are a blessing, so congrats to Weezy, Sarah, and baby Dwayne.

UPDATE: more confirmations of the above are coming in….the pals at Young, Black and Fabulous are reporting:

The mother of Lil Wayne’s newborn son is a University of Cincinnati student named Sara….Weezy’s Sara is 22 years old and met him 3 years ago at a concert. She ended up going on the rest of his tour with him and the two have been off and on ever since.”