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I’ll admit I’m not as well-versed in Chicago’s other musical scenes outside of rap, but M&O have really caught my ear this past year. The Windy City duo, previously known as Milo & Otis, describe their sound as “adventure soul,” which is pretty much right on the money; it’s classically soulful, but also something new and daring (in a subtle, tasteful way).

Proving that they care about visuals just as much as the music itself, M&O deliver a striking video for “RUN!,” one of the standout tracks from the pair’s Almost Us LP, which dropped last month. “We found a place that felt massive while still being trapped, contained, and somewhat claustrophobic (courtesy of the pressing shadows),” Milo explains. “I guess at the end of the day, that’s what being in a relationship can feel like too.”

I’ve also included the video to M&O’s “Entire” (off last year’s The Joy EP), which I guarantee will tug on at least a few of your heart strings.

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[via P&P]