miley cyrus we can't stop

Miley Cyrus gets the party started in the video for her new single, “We Can’t Stop.” With giant teddy bears and barbie dolls, this is a little more PG-friendly than her recent off-screen life has led us to believe (yeah, as in twerking on stage at Juicy J shows). The song’s producer, Mike WiLL Made It, makes a cameo.

Miss Info: So…this song doesn’t suck. It’s catchy enough. But the video is all types of cliche…with an overriding theme of tongue-stunting. I just jotted down my stream of consciousness reactions….

Watch “We Can’t Stop” after the jump…

Whenever I get caught in the middle of the day, hopped up on Stumptown coffee, watching a weird “pop culture” moment on the internets….so many thoughts race through my pea-sized brain. So staring at this pale little gyrating mall bopper, with her immaculate blinding hollywood veneers…sparked this stream of consciousness:

-oh my, what a large tongue you have.
-also, your glossy eyes staring up at (maybe Mike Will) look quite close together.
-Miley’s thighs applaud harder than her butt cheeks
-But she has amazing skin, its semi-translucent like rice milk
-Did her mom tell her to stop scrunching her face like that, one day it’s gonna stay that way. (cc- Danny Brown, and cc- myself)
-sorry, kids, EOS isn’t a cute new molly delivery system. it’s just lip balm. Do you want to buy some now? No, right?
poor Liam.
-Rihanna is like ugh.
-Thinking of the Cosmopolitan hotel in Last Vegas
-And thinking of the new Myspace
-Still with the tongue. Does Miley wear flavored face lotion? She keeps licking her own face.
-Pay homage to what the forefathers Scott Storch, JR Rotem, The Dream tried to do for Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian. Pay homage to Rihanna and Selena Gomez and Rita Ora and Amber Rose. Pay homage to Dov Charney. Pay homage to Susan Powter.

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