Miley Cyrus will likely be fielding questions about her awful VMAs performance until Thanksgiving. Like how do you put together a set where every aspect of your performance is terrible. From the stage setup, backup dancers, and outfit, it was all wrong. But don’t take my word for it. The rest of America definitely has some beef with Ms. Cyrus. I just wish Pharrell or someone could have approved her set before she hit the stage.

“I think that was really, really disturbing. That young lady, who is 20, is obviously deeply troubled, deeply disturbed, clearly has confidence issues, probably eating disorder and I don’t think anybody should have put her on stage. That was disgusting and embarrassing … That was not attractive. That was not fun. That was not funny. That was really, really bad for anybody who’s younger and impressionable and she’s really messed up … The whole thing was cringe worthy but I feel bad for her. She is a mess. Someone needs to take care of her. Someone needs not to put her on stage and make a complete fool of herself.”

— MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski (Watch the video report here)

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MTV Serves Sex to 14-Year-Olds at VMAs

LOS ANGELES (August 26, 2013) – The Parents Television Council issued the following statement in response to last evening’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).

“MTV has once again succeeded in marketing sexually charged messages to young children using former child stars and condom commercials — while falsely rating this program as appropriate for kids as young as 14. This is unacceptable,” said PTC Director of Public Policy Dan Isett.

“This much is absolutely clear: MTV marketed adults-only material to children while falsely manipulating the content rating to make parents think the content was safe for their children.

“MTV continues to sexually exploit young women by promoting acts that incorporate ‘twerking’ in a nude-colored bikini. How is this image of former child star Miley Cyrus appropriate for 14-year-olds?

“How is it appropriate for children to watch Lady Gaga strip down to a bikini in the opening act?

“How is it appropriate for 14-year-olds to see a condom commercial and a promo for an R-rated movie during the first commercial break?

“This content would likely not be given a forum if it were on a broadcast network. Yet MTV continues to push limits because it’s a cable network. But that does not mean MTV’s decisions have no consequences, especially for the millions of children who were targeted by MTV, “We urge Congress to pass the Television Consumer Freedom Act which will give parents and consumers a real solution for future MTV VMA programs – the ability to choose and pay for cable networks that they want vs. having to pay for networks they don’t want. After MTV’s display last night, it’s time to give control back to consumers,” Isett added.

PTC Advisory Board Member and former BET Executive Paul Porter said, “The Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke performance simply substituted talent with sex. Viacom has a set of corporate broadcast standards that were obviously broken in this case for financial gain. While the performance was shocking to the audience, MTV approved it during the show run prior to the broadcast. Heads should roll at MTV.”

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