Had he lived, Wednesday, June 16 would have been Tupac Shakur’s 39th birthday. And Shaheem/MTV sent over this fascinating memory that Iron Mike Tyson shared with him via phone…Tyson talks about partying with Pac before he blew up, and then seeing how his fanbase grew over the years.

Pac’s life was celebrated with a Tupac Birthday Concert on Weds night in Atlanta, featuring Rick Ross, Bun B, Pill, Roscoe Dash, Waka Flocka and more. Julia Beverly/Ozone took lots of pics and there are some rocky video clips already uploaded from the show….
which are posted after the jump

(Bun B and Rick Ross at your Tupac Birthday Concert 2010)

(Pill, Wacka Flocka, Roscoe Dash) (both pics via Julia Beverly/Ozone)

(Rick Ross performs “BMF”….more video clips from the Tupac Birthday concert via Solokee‘s youtube channel)