Mike Dean Lanches MWA Label

Houston music legend and G.O.O.D Music in-house producer Mike Dean recently revealed he has officially launched his Mexican Wrestling Association music label in a new interview. M.W.A. is an extension of his popular merchandise line as well as his DJ alias, and the first official signee is none other than Texas native and Trill Sammy frequent collaborator Dice Soho.

Though no official distribution partner has been revealed, Dean plans to add three or four more artists to the roster within the next year.

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Are you trying to keep the emphasis on hip-hop, or are you willing to jump different genres?

We’ll start with some hip-hop stuff. We’ll do some pop things, as I start getting some more producers.

You worked on Frank Ocean’s project Endless. Which project of his did you enjoy more as a fan last year, Blonde or Endless?

I’d probably say Blonde. Blonde was more experimental, I think. Sonically, it had a weird and strange vibe. I just thought it sounded better.

For M.W.A., if there were three artists you could sign right now over to your label. Which three would you choose and why?

I don’t wanna say that yet. [Laughs] It’s top secret. We’re still in negotiations. I’m looking at some people. One group from Brooklyn. I’m looking at some people from Cali, somebody from Atlanta. I just want to spread it out.

Where are you hoping that M.W.A. will be one year from now?

I hope to have three or four artists on the roster with a couple of producers and just make some dope s–t.


[via Billboard]

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