Japan’s almighty Mighty Crown sound system is gearing up to welcome Chronixx to their homeland for the very first time. In honor of the reggae singer’s inaugural tour in the far East, they locked in with the man for a new mix filled with exclusive dubplates and blends.

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“This May 26 through 28 Chronixx and the Zincfence Redemption will touch down in Japan for the first time alongside the internationally acclaimed Mighty Crown sound, aka the Far East Rulaz, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary in the business.

Founded in 1991 by friends from Yokohama, Japan, Mighty Crown made their name by playing clubs and selling self-produced mix tapes throughout Japan. In that spirit Masta Simon, Sami T and Cojie put together a special mix with Di Steam Minista as a way to “welcome the Rasta youth inna khaki suit” on his first visit to Japan. 2016 will be a big touring year for Chronixx who will also perform in Africa, UK, and Europe.”


Chronixx’s Japan tour ticket information is available.

Chronixx “Ghetto People” (Prod by Damian Marley)