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Despite arriving towards the end of the year, Royce Da 5’9″ and DJ Premier’s PRhyme was one of the best projects of 2014. As we head into 2015, Royce and Premo have more in store for us.

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During a recent interview with the New York Observer, the legendary producer revealed that the pair plan to release a deluxe edition of PRhyme featuring three to five new cuts — but, more importantly, a guest appearance from the elusive DOOM. Let’s hope that drops before Royce and Premo hit the road for their U.S. tour in February.

The album’s doing really good. We’re shooting a video for every song on it and Royce and I are hitting the road in February. We’re also getting ready to release the deluxe version with three to five new cuts on it. I can’t name all of the artists on it, but we’ve got MF Doom on one. We’re putting that out on 45-inch box set and digital.

Premo’s interview also focused on the closing of his legendary HeadQCourterz Studio (formerly D&D Studios) in New York City, where everyone from Nas and Jay Z to Rakim and KRS-One recorded.

Back then, Black Moon and the rest of Boot Camp Clik had a big chapter in the A Room at D&D. That was a standard picture here. Jay Z too. He would book my room, the A Room and the D Room, which was a newly built studio space in the back that they later tore down. He would have them all blocked so that he could knock out three or four songs at a time. I remember when Jay and Biggie recorded “Brooklyn’s Finest” for Reasonable Doubt in here. I didn’t do that beat, but they needed a place to rock.

Nas was just here on Monday and he said the same thing again. For starters, I’m taking the original door to this room that people used to knock on all the time when I first moved from the A Room to the B Room in the ’90s. That area there, [points to the wooden wall covered with Gang Starr lyrics], I’m going to cut that out and make it into a table. Those are the lyrics from the last songs that Guru and I did. When D&D went out of business in 2003 and I reopened it almost a year later, those were still on the wall. Doug and Dave, who are D and D, said they want to save some pieces of this place too. Once the demolition starts, it’ll still be open for us to come onto the floor, so we’re going to come video that.

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