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Metro Boomin was on the other side of the pond last month and shut down London’s Visions nightclub with a crazy set. While over there, the young Jedi also chopped it up with BBC Radio 1’s Benji B about his recent success with Future, working on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and his adopted home of Atlanta.

Metro also made a brief yet major announcement: he’s been in the lab with Kendrick Lamar. “I never ever really talk about things like this, but we in the UK so…I met Kendrick and we were in the studio, he picked a bunch of beats out,” he said. “That was great. He’s a great guy, we vibed out for the day.” Metro revealed he’s “been working on a bunch of stuff for Big Sean’s new album,” too.

Safe to say this kid’s winning streak isn’t ending anytime soon.

Listen below…

Listen to Metro Boomin and Benji B’s full conversation here (the interview begins around the 31:00 mark).

In other news, Metro Boomin penned an emotional tribute to Bankroll Fresh, who was tragically shot and killed in Atlanta over the weekend.

they took my brother Fresh and I'm hurt right now. very hurt. hurt is the only thing that's been on my mind and heart since I was in magic last night. hurt was on my mind and heart when I woke up this morning. u always wanted to see niggas do good and be good. u used to tell us that once you good then we good and that you would do things the right way and not like the rest of these niggas. I'm hurt that this music shit has made everything so different and affected all of my personal relationships because of the high demand of work and the stress. but you were one of the few niggas that understood and still gave full support. I miss how fun and natural this shit used to be, before it felt like as much of a job as it does now. I miss recording songs at the house all night and u would just stay and sleep on the couch because you wanted to win as bad as I wanted to win. I hate how we did less and less as we both were getting more and more success. we were both so busy and never could even be in town at the same time anymore. But through that you were still genuinely happy for me as much as I was for you. I've worked so much over the years and neglected my personal life so much that I feel alone at times now. I shoulda been there and you shoulda been here. I didn't even wanna do all this Instagram typing shit but Love your family and friends and never take them for granted. Call them and stop texting and tweeting all the fucking time. I'm only 22 and still growing and learning life. Fuck all that sad shit tho man I love u bra and will always appreciate your love support from day1. #LONGLIVEFRESH

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