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Last week, Ma$e held a lowkey conference call with Future Star DJ Coalition and Darknight Ent’s Tastemakers, and HipHopSince1987’s E-Money was able to ask him a number of questions about his new album. To our surprise, Betha says he has been ghostwriting hits for the last few years and says that he plans to get records done with Dipset.

“Realistically, I been working nonstop for just years. A lot of the records you guys [have] been playing, I probably ghostwrote at least six of the last crazy records over the years,” Ma$e disclosed of his work behind the scenes. “I’m definitely gonna have a Dipset feature on everything that I do,” he said of reuniting with his fellow Children Of The Corn alumni, “when I say Dipset I mean Cam[‘ron], the whole arsenal.”

Also, Ma$e says Diddy is still in the picture when it comes to his career.

“[Puff] said he gonna make sure I get super rich this time so I’m just holding him to his word,” he said of his relationship with Diddy and the possibility of doing a reality show with Revolt TV. “We been really in a good space. Everybody with me has really been in a good space. Even guys like French, even Drake, just different people, 2 Chainz, just everybody, Meek Mill, anybody you can probably think about. It seems like everything is cool so I’m looking forward to the music we can make.”

Listen to the interview below…

Mase x Eric Bellinger “Nothing”