Mary J. Blige will have to pay up. The current legal battle between the singer and her ex-husband/former manager Kendu Issacs has gone on since MJB filed for divorce in July 2016. Blige has now been ordered to pay temporary spousal support.

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According to TMZ, Mary J. Blige will have to pay Issacs $30,000 per month in temporary spousal support as their divorce proceedings continue. The amount is to accommodate the “style of living” Kendu had when married to the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. Blige, 46, was also ordered to pay retroactively, dating back to September of this year. That plus Issacs attorney fees come up to a grand total of $235K.

The $30,000 is much less than what Issacs was asking for in spousal support, an amount of $129,319 per month. The judge also stated that while the former couple were together, they lived above their means and owe millions of dollars in back taxes. Blige previously claimed that Isaacs had spent $420,000 in travel charges (hotels and airfare) that did not involve her career as an artist or relationship as a wife.

Mary, who recently dropped her new album Strength Of A Woman, has said in various interviews the reasons their divorce was due to Kendu’s infidelity, along with emotional abuse and manipulation.

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