The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul debuted her “Why” remix to Funkmaster Flex and followed with an appearance on The Angie Martinez Show on Wednesday afternoon. MJB spoke on mentoring her new artist Starshell, and being present at WIP nightclub that same evening Chris Brown and Drake’s entourages got into an altercation. Mary followed up by speaking out for the first time on her controversial Burger King commercial that sparked a lot of negative feedback. Mary expressed hurt, saying that she went online that same day to read the reaction to Fat Joe’s “Another Round” remix to see all the harsh backlash about her role in the fast food ad.

Mary J. opens up to Angie Martinez below…..

“I just felt that there was no need for me to say anything, because everyone was running with it and running with it and just crucifying me and going crazy and going in. I said it’s too much going on for me to try and stick my head out there and say anything, so I just pulled back and watched everyone and everything. And it’s just something that I thought would’ve been a branding opportunity, I went online to listen to the remix I did with Fat Joe and I’m looking for that. I’m looking for “Another Round,” and all I could see is Burger King, and chicken, and buffoonery…..and it just broke my heart.

But the thing that hurt me is when people were just starting to say vicious negative things that had nothing to do with that. And a lot of people what this did it exposed everyone and everything that was in my life and it showed me who my friends are. So many people reached out to me on the level of ‘we know what you were trying to do, we saw how it went terribly wrong’ when I wanted to just crawl under the bed.

It was a mistake, you know when you look at it at the end of the day…..you know because people look at it as a mistake. But I did it because I thought it was something that wouldn’t come out like that. It was sold to us that it would be shot in an iconic way, and it was going to be great. So I was looking for someone to have mercy on me, it was a learning experience. It hurt my feelings, it crushed me for like two days…but after those two days I got up and I kept going.

I want to apologize to everyone that was offended or thought that I would do something so disrespectful to our culture. I would never do anything like that purposely, I thought I was doing something right so forgive me. At the end of the day it’s something I always wanted to do and dreamed about and that’s why I did it. And no they didn’t pay me $2 million dollars…..it was about a branding opportunity.”

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via The Angie Martinez Show

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