martin shkreli breakfast club

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to even entertain this Martin Shkreli interview. This guy is a straight up shithead, as Ghostface Killah put it, who deserves nary a platform for his obnoxious bullshit that serves only to boost his fame and fuel his fantasy as some bigger-than-rap Wall Street gangsta.

But within the first minute of their conversation, Charlamagne asked Martin if he’s “a privileged entitled prick,” so I thought I’d stick around.

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The rest of the interview is mostly Martin explaining his side of the story when it comes to his beef with Ghostface, buying the Wu-Tang album (to show off to his Wall Street buddies, basically) and hiking up the prices of that AIDs pill that made him notorious in the first place.

Although he shows a rare glimpse of non-douchebaggery when talking about Bobby Shmurda (“this man is innocent until proven guilty. To incarcerate him before the guy’s actually convicted, and to deny his bail seven times?”), Martin just couldn’t help but to come out with quotes that make you want to smack him right in the face. Which is what he’ll do to Ghostface, apparently (“if he were here right now, I’d fucking smack right him in the face”).

Yeah, good luck with that.

If you’d rather not give this guy the time of day, then skip to the best (or worst) quotes below.

On the video dissing Ghostface Killah:

You take shots at me, I’m gonna come back at you — especially publicly.

It’s meant to be a mix of satire and a mix of reality… I have goons for real!

On rising the price of the AIDs pill:

In law, you can be prosecuted for not maximizing profits. You have to do everything in your power to make as much money as possible in the system we’ve got. That’s business. We did the analysis and we said, we can go to $750.

If you know the drug business, you know that this is not that expensive.

On Bobby Shmurda:

“What they’re doing to bobby is ridiculously constitutional, it’s disgusting.

This man is innocent until proven guilty — basic concept. to incarcerate him before the guy’s actually convicted, and to deny his bail SEVEN times?

On being in jail:

I heard the guys in the cell next door who were talking GS9, stabbings, shootings. And I’m sitting there thinking, “yo, I wanna be in THAT cell!”

On growing up in the “hood”:

I’ve fought many times. I’ve been jumped. Most people, when they fight, no one wants to kill another man.

On contributing to the Black Lives Matter movement:

At the moment, I’m involved in a lot of stuff. I’ve got to figure that out.

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