In the mood to dance? OVO Sound’s Majid Jordan are in their video “Forever.” The duo of singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman step away from the camera in their new visual (except for a brief cameo at the 0:27 mark), as a dancer shows off his slick moves, moving through the streets of Toronto. Featuring various elements of dance, improv, and architectural sights of the Canadian metropolis, the video was premiered by V Magazine, who spoke with the duo on their life changing after signing with Drake’s label and preparing their upcoming debut album.

When we first came out, there was this whole investigation into who we were, because nobody knew and then all of a sudden we were on this song [Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”] that was everywhere.” says Jordan. “The whole thing literally happened overnight.

We’ve kept the same process since the beginning—after-hours, low-key, separate but together. But now people are listening. People either listen for the sonic qualities or for the meaning and emotion you get from the song. We try to accomplish both.”

Directed by Jamie Webster of Common Good, watch “Forever” below as Majid Jordan’s A Place Like This EP is out now.

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Photo by Charlotte Wales for V Magazine

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