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Amidst all of the big song drops today, there were also some really disturbing rumors running rampant that our friend Maino had gotten shot in the middle of a performance. Then there was the very scary youtube video which seemed to prove the rumor right. In the clip, you see Maino onstage, then at the very end, gunshots go off and Maino falls to the floor.

After a few worried text messages from myself and the rest of the Hot97 family, Maino called me to reassure us that he’s totally fine, not a scratch on him, walking around the mall with his son.
So what the hell happened?

Watch the video that sparked the shooting rumor, and get Maino’s explanation…
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Maino told me that the video clip actually shows a scene from a Benny Boom movie that he just filmed last week. Apparently, someone on set captured cellphone footage then used it to start speculation that Maino had gotten shot in real life. In the film, which is called Dice City, Maino is performing as himself, gets shot, and is even wearing fake-blood dye packs to get the full gory effect….
Man! Not cool! Lol.

Glad everything is okay, though.