Complex have unveiled their inaugural Man of Next Year cover today, graced by Mac Miller. The Most Dope rapper bagged the cover after winning (by a landslide) their readers’ poll late last year, which also earned him not only a custom bomber jacket designed by Marc Ecko, but a $100,000 Fisker Karma. Not bad, huh?

Accolades and freebies aside, however, Mac delves into deeper and darker issues in the cover story, penned by Insanul Ahmed. The Pittsburgh MC opens up about how harsh criticism of his debut album, Blue Slide Park, and tour life stresses drew him to a serious lean addiction, facing a $10 million lawsuit from one of his idols, Lord Finesse, and the stigma of being a white rapper—even in 2013.

Check out some of the quotes and footage from the cover story after the jump…

A lot of the reviews were more on me as a person. To be honest, that was even worse. You’re 19, you’re so excited to put out your first album, you put it out—and no one has any respect for you or for what you did.

I love lean; it’s great… I was not happy and I was on lean very heavy. I was so fucked up all the time it was bad. My friends couldn’t even look at me the same. I was lost.

That was a case that was a little deeper than just the legality of it. If that was really a problem, people would be getting sued left and right… That was the most people talked about me all year. I was the victim. People were actually empathetic to me.

Read the full cover story here.

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