Gracing the cover of the brand new issue of VIBE Magazine, R&B hearthrobs Mack Wilds, August Alsina and Ed Sheeran share the spotlight. Being touted as R&B’s new class, these three crooners might share more in common than you think. On a recent summer day, VIBE gathered up the new blood for a special cover shoot. Check out a few excerpts and check your newsstands soon.

“Where am I gonna survive in a world of 2 Chainz and Drake? Frank, Miguel and all of these guys. I remember coming across them and being like, ‘Yo, bro, I got some music coming up.’ And they’re like, ‘Okay, cool, how’s that movie going?’” —Mack Wilds

“Just because I’m a man with an acoustic guitar doesn’t mean I have to play love songs. I want to straddle all worlds at once. I want to do my acoustic stuff, write for the biggest pop acts in the world, and also work with all the rappers I like, underground or not.” —Ed Sheeran

“Crack fucking ruined my family. So to be selling that shit and seeing what it do to people, you start to realize, ‘Damn, my heart might be a little too big for this shit.’” —August Alsina

Watch the the BTS video below…

The Reveal: Ed Sheeran, August Alsina And Mack Wilds Cover VIBE’s Summer 2014 Issue!