Mac Miller recently made an appearance on Juan Epstein’s podcast to chop it up with Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg. From meeting Eminem, to taking molly to his own music, to deciphering tasteful drugs from OD drugs, the young rapper and the veteran radios host spent the segment trading funny anecdotes. But the lighthearted, hour-long interview eventually veered into real talk, as Mac addressed the “truth” behind the highly-disputed $10 million Lord Finesse lawsuit against him.

The chat opens up with the Pittsburg-native delving into the story of a casual run-in with Eminem, admitting the interaction left him “smiley” and giddy:

“To be real, that was, like, the only time I’ve ever been low-key. I was really smiley. I was like, “woah, that’s Eminem,” you know? He’s mad famous. I had a cast on at the time, if you didn’t know, I broke my hand, which is why I have a cosmetic deficiency in my knuckles for the rest of my life. So I was wearing my cast, and Em comes out, and he was super funny. He walks out and he’s like, so, what happened to your hand?’ And I was like ‘I broke it, I punched a door.’ And he was like “that’s pretty fucking sweet.” (laughs) And then we chopped it up for a little bit.

Mac later admitted that he wish he got the opportunity to talk to the Detroit pioneer about “real shit,” like asking for career advise–“from white rapper to white rapper.”

Listen to the entire podcast after the jump…

Throughout the interview, Juan Ep hilariously baited the 20-year-old to talk about his wealth. But Mac kept it humble, and without going into extravagant details, the rapper admits the extra spending cash lets him live comfortably. The reported multi-millionaire lays the financial situation all out for Juan:

“Look, you’re 33, you’re about to get married, you’re thinking, like ‘I gotta make sure I have this money for my kid’s college fund’, y’know, ‘I need to get my wife the Booty Pop.’ But me, I’m 20. I save money, of course, but at the end of the day, I just live life and not get too stressed following every dollar.”

The conversation took a serious turn when the Finesse lawsuit was brought up. Giving brief context to his contested “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza” track while defending his rightful sampling, the rapper finally said, “This is way bigger than me versus Finesse… If Finesse wins anything, the mixtape game is changed forever.”


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