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M.I.A. came to Hot97 and sat down with my girl Angie Martinez, who managed to ask her about those noisemaking statements about Justin Bieber (“Justin’s video is more offensive than “Born Free”), Rihanna “biting” her style, and liking Nas more than Jay-z…..without ruffling M.I.A.’s feathers too much. In watching how M.I.A. vs Lynn Hirschberg/NYTimes aka TruffleFry-Gate played out….we know Miss Mya doesn’t take questions about her character too well, lol. I actually love when folks have unpopular opinions because that’s the spice of life, especially when those opinions are based in actual reactions as opposed to promotional stunts. M.I.A. loses me with her Rihanna explanation though.

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(Link: M.I.A. talks to Angie Martinez)

M.I.A. talks to Angie Martinez pt.1
M.I.A. talks to Angie Martinez pt.2

M.I.A. talks to Angie Martinez pt.3