A lot has been said about the horror of random violence lately, fueled by madness and disconnection with society…but that shouldn’t take any attention away from the other violence that infects us. It’s not random, it’s targeted, it’s people vs the neighbors they grew up with, the rivals they’ve been told to hate…the gang violence, profit violence, pride violence, and the violence of poverty that takes out both players and bystanders and babies. It’s a daily obstacle course in a lot of inner cities around the county, but especially in my home town, Chicago. The headlines are shocking, and some stories that get national attention (like William Balfour, the man sentenced to 3 life terms after killing Jennifer Hudson’s brother, mother and young nephew), but worse than that, they are constant and they’ve been like this forever.

But on a way more personal and individual level…Lupe Fiasco opened his heart up and shared how it feels to be someone who escaped that cycle. And how it hurts to see the people who stayed behind to be destroyed by it.

If you watch this clip, Lupe is sitting talking to Sway on MTV RapFix Live (alongside Nature). Sway creates a feel-good “throwback” moment by playing for Lupe a clip from MTV’s 2006 “My Block-Chicago” special, where Lupe goes skateboarding on the North Side, and then takes Sway to the grim West Side. Rewatching that footage makes Lupe break down in tears….


Watch the video, and hear Lupe’s incredible statement about survival…
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Lupe Fiasco:

“Your father, your mother, they was right. Yo, you gotta get out. Stick to what you know and get out. Because if you stay here, you’re gonna die. And you’re not gonna die for anything heroic or meaningful. You’re gonna die for something worthless…To see that so real, it hurts….it hurts a lot to speak to ghosts.”