well, it wasn’t exactly a screening, because both of the videos shown are already out: the one with Chris Brown “I Know What Them Girls Like”; and the one featuring Floyd Mayweather, “Undisputed.” But it was really nice to hear Luda talk casually about the videos, his new album, the false reports of his retirement, and of course, his “suspicious” pool house fire…..Luda played a couple tracks off “Theater of the Mind,” including a song called “MVP” produced by DJ Premier, a song called “Everybody Hates Chris” produced by Don Cannon and featuring Chris Rock, and more.
He also confirmed that he is working on a duo-album with Shawwna called “Battle of the Sexes.” Interesting!

(Mike Fresh was on hand to capture the action….)

Much love to everyone that I chatted with at the party: my girl Yvette Davila, Chris Atlas, BoBo, Nile, Nigel, Pecas (Happy Belated), Jeff Dixon and his dad (another Happy Bday), Chaka Zulu, Shakir Stewart (the heir, lol), Ced, Mazzi, Wendy (Nitrolicious), and of course Ludacris himself. after the jump…. further evidence that there’s something wrong with me, lol….

ludacris, missinfo

why do I instinctively make some weird face every time a camera points my way? Look how handsome and composed Luda looks….and I’m just ridiculous. Like a jack in the box with gold spinach in my teeth. sigh.