Louis C.K. is debuting his new “Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater” stand-up comedy special…not on TV…but as a $5 paid download on his website, and I’m not sure how well that will do, but it seems to be a strategy that we’ll see a lot more of in 2012. There’s already multiple companies vying for paid online content. But won’t someone just rip Louis’ show and immediately upload it to the web anyway?

But back to the laughs, in this clip Louis tackles the topic of human evolution. Why do some bohunks insist on denying it? They hate monkeys! But more importantly, why did humans manage to “evolve” past animals when we are so survival-challenged? As Louis says, “You can trip a human being. That’s how sh–ty we are. We’re the only thing in the world that you can stick your foot out, and just ruin our entire day…

But the answer to why we advanced past animals is at end of this clip…and it’s also what made me choke on my barley soup. Please refer to Louis’ animal sex re-enactment. And then wet yourself.

Another one of my favorite clips from Louis’ genius Louie show this past season…Louie goes on Fox News to fight for the right to…masturbate.
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Total genius.

Speaking of Louis C.K….I only recently started listening to the very popular WTF podcast in which failed comedian Marc Maron gets absolute brutal honesty and hilarity from his comedy colleagues. In his convo with C.K., they have to get past some really awkward issues with their shaky friendship. Below is one of 8 clips on youtube, but you can get the rest here. Or subscribe to the WTF podcast here.


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