Up until now, this ongoing legal battle between 50 Cent and his son’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins has been shocking, if not entertaining, and distasteful. She sued him for $50k a month, up from the $25k she was getting. Instead a judge awarded her $6700 a month, and told her to leave 50’s $1.4 million Long Island mansion. Along with 50’s son Marquise, Tompkins also has a teenage daughter as well as a live-in boyfriend. But the judge’s order has not made for a smooth relocation, more litigation has been set into motion, eviction deadlines loom, and, of course, a war of words has been aired out in the media.

But when kids are caught up in a burning house, and fire marshalls suspect arson…this whole family dispute is no longer the slightest bit salacious or juicy. I’m noticing alot of interesting allegations, some anonymous, showing up on TMZ. Including, a disturbing rant by Shaniqua Thompkins herself, claiming, “Yes think he would, he’s obsessed. If he can’t have me than no one can. He’s obsessed….yes, we’re in litigation, we’re fighting over the house. [50] said he was gonna have someone come kill me and watch what he does. And this is what he did. [So he threatened you?] Yes!” (Click here to watch the video)

On Monday, a cameraphone caught 50 Cent and Tompkins making a scene outside of a lawyers office in Long Island, after a deposition session. They were seen yelling at each other in the street. 50 is physically urged into his truck. Meanwhile, Shaniqua’s boyfriend stands and watches with his friends. What could they have been yelling about? Perhaps something ugly had just taken place….

An “source” claimed to TMZ that 50’s crew trashed Shaniqua’s lawyers office on Monday. Would that be at the time of this deposition and public spectacle? Hmm…Maybe it has something to do with this…

From the Associated Press:

Tompkins’ lawyer, Paul Catsandonis, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that the dispute over the house had become “extremely, extremely contentious” in recent days. Although he declined to be specific, he said there was an “extremely dangerous incident” Monday in his Manhattan office while taking a deposition for the lawsuit.

The dispute was “involving the parties in question,” he said.

Shaniqua’s lawyer also told TMZ that before the firetrucks were called to the burning house at 5am today, Shaniqua heard someone entering her home at 3am. Scary! Wonder why police weren’t called to investigate the break-in?

And since the consensus around the snarkosphere has been that fif has gon’ crazy and tried to kill his baby mom, her new man, 2 children, 2 other innocent people, and burn up his own house…..I just have to say…as erratic and irrational as rappers often are….I just dont know if I buy it.

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If it’s about the house, the judge has already awarded the house to 50. He would be free to sell it in a month. Houses are usually worth less when delivered in ash. If 50 hired some mercenary to burn the house, I would think that his own son being subjected to smoke inhalation…would be a dealbreaker. And as for the whole “if he can’t have me, nobody can” thing…..um…well, I guess.

A statement from 50’s rep reads:

“Informed this morning while filming a new motion picture on location in Louisiana, Curtis Jackson expressed deep concern over this fire at his property. He is extremely thankful that everyone including his son, Marquise, escaped the burning house safely. He is confident that authorities will be conducting a thorough investigation of the incident and is eager to review their findings.”

Here is the AP‘s description of the scene at the fire….

Police said the victims included the rapper’s former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins and two of her children, including a son fathered by 50 Cent named Marquise. Three other adults in the home weren’t immediately identified.

A passing off-duty police officer helped rescue the six people off an elevated deck in the home’s backyard, Feld said.

Why would 4 adults all rush with 2 kids in tow, to a porch instead of out a door? I guess the layout of the house is key in making sense of this, but they must have all been coming from different parts of the house, so why would everyone end up there?