RECAP: Today Freeway sat down with me and the MissInfoTV to discuss the controversy surrounding his “It’s Over” song, etc….

He was very forthcoming about his side of the events that led him to vent on the record. He talked about how exactly he reached out to his two favorite producers, Kanye and Just, and why he felt disappointed. Check it out and let me know if you think he was fair, or if you think it should have been handled differently….

Click here to watch a highlight of the interview from today’s live webcast (and don’t mind my bad hair day, lol)

(As for future webcasts, feel free to join the live chat, you just have to sign into your xanga account, or sign up for one. And if you want to highlight a portion of the chat so others can watch it later, please do. Some folks wont be able to watch it live because of work or school, so pay it forward )

Big up to Yvette at Def Jam : )