It doesn’t look like Angel Haze is letting this beef go anytime soon. Since everything jumped off on Twitter, she’s been ready with her bars. She dropped some personal venom on “On The Edge,” and more of that fire on “Shut The F*ck Up.” Rocking over 2pac’s “Ambitionz Az A Rider,” Angel continues her onslaught with more trash talk and slanderous rhymes. She goes in on Azealia’s appearance, her status at Interscope, attacks her flow and hits with numerous punchlines about how Banks used to jock her (Listen: Azealia Banks’ first response, “No Problems”).

Miss Info: This 3rd volley in the fast and furious beef between Angel Haze and Azealia banks might be the hardest yet. It sounds like Angel recorded it in a shower stall sound booth at Redman’s Newark ‘Cribs’ condo, but regardless….without the hip-house beats that these two girls usually use, the raw anger comes through much sharper over a Pac instrumental. Don’t all diss rhymes sound better over Pac instrumentals. Yes. I hope Azealia answers with an equally hissy virulent response…and this time, drops the dance tracks in favor of an ill Tim Dog instrumental!

“Azealia’s teeth look like f*ckin recliner seats, like a love seat sofa and sh*t”

Listen to the new diss after the jump…

Will Azealia respond with another track?

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