So today on The Celebrity Drama Report, we worked out some of the details on who is this woman who has birthed the crown prince of the Carter III.

Celebrity Drama 10/22/08 part 1:
[audio:CD WED 1 8PM 102208.mp3]

Celebrity Drama 10/22/08 part 2:
[audio:CD WED 2 9PM 102208.mp3]

In the previous post, we learned that Sarah is a young Vietnamese/Caucasian Ohio resident, who splits her time between the University of Cincinnati and working as the mall as a nail tech. There are reports of Weezy/Mrs. Carter tattoos, and proud pregnancy photos on a now defunct myspace page. But what does the mother of the newborn Tiger Woods of rap look like?

Here is a glimpse of the elusive “Sarah” from Necole Bitchie. Read more of Necole’s take on Sarah-Gate here and on Stylerazzi.

lil wayne, sarah
After the jump, another photo…..

UPDATED: more photos of the real Weezy F. Baby mama

lil wayne, sarah

(Thanks to the Twitter-pal Stylerazzi)