I was wondering the other day what the status of Nivea’s cervix was….seeing as how, according to various gossip blogs, she’s been in labor 3-4 times already, lol. Not to mention, from what the looks of it, Nivea was about 13 months pregnant the last time she was photographed out and about in Atlanta.

So I’m happy to hear that Nivea finally delivered her and Lil Wayne’s baby, a boy named Neal. Young Money artist Mack Maine announced the arrival via twitter…


And I thought now would be a good time to map out Wayne’s ever-growing family tree…The new addition Baby Neal has 2 half-brothers and 1 half-sister on his dad’s side. And 3 more siblings on his mom’s side. The breakdown goes like this:

Baby Neal, is the younger brother of Baby Lennox Samuel Ari, who is about 3 months old. And his mom is actress Lauren London. Wayne and Lauren (below) were briefly engaged in 2007, broke up, and then procreated in 2008. (UPDATE: an inside source says that Baby Lennox is actually called Baby Sam)

Baby Neal also has another older brother, Baby Dwayne Michael Carter III. Baby Dwayne is about 14 months old and was born last year to Weezy’s onetime galpal, Sarah. Sarah was, at one point, a nail technician in Ohio, but has since moved to Atlanta and is a regular on the social scene now. (UPDATE: one of the readers says Sarah also had a daughter before Baby Dwayne. Has she talked about her daughter on twitter? If that’s the case then Neal has 7 half-siblings)

Picture 3

Sarah’s son Baby Dwayne made his public debut over the weekend with his dad, at his half-sister Reginae’s 11th birthday party (above, and Necole Bitchie‘s for more pics). Reginae’s mom is Toya (of BET’s Tiny and Toya fame). Toya and Sarah are pals and were seen partying at Toya’s recent birthday party (below, photo by PrinceWilliams)

Picture 5

More of Lil Wayne’s “Modern Family” after the jump….

Now Toya and Weezy were high school sweethearts back in New Orleans. They had Reginae as teens, and were briefly married (see wedding photo below). Now living in Atlanta, Reginae is in a kiddie band called the OMG Girls (with T.I. n Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique).

Picture 6

And let’s not forget, Baby Neal also has 3 half-siblings on his mom’s side. Nivea has 3 kids by her ex-husband, Terius Nash aka The Dream (below: Nivea and Terius in 2005 with daughter, Navy Talia Nash). (UPDATE: another reader chimed in and said Nivea has 4 kids by The Dream. If that’s true then that would be 8 half-siblings for Neal). Now The Dream is expecting a baby with his new wife, Christina Milian (below: last month in Las Vegas)…no blood relation but maybe a future playmate?

nivea-and-dreamPicture 7

But what about Papa Rolling Stone? He whose sown oats are strewn across the lady-landscape? Well, many say that Wayne and Nivea are still re-engaged (they were at one point engaged before she married The Dream). But others, say Weezy is smitten by his own Young Money artist, Shanell (who is the older sister of former Danity Kane member D.Woods). This romance hasn’t eluded Nivea’s radar. And speaking of that… Nivea had some subliminal twitter beef with baby mama #2, Sarah too.

Picture 8

(Weezy and Shanell at her birthday party a few weeks ago in Atlanta)

So…that about catches us all up to speed, right? The ever-developing melodrama and the hierarchy between these women reminds me of one of those awesome Zhang Yimou epic Chinese films. Like Raise the Red Lantern. Seriously.

UPDATE: Welp. Seems like the Sarah vs. Nivea tension is still on and poppin, even while Nivea is still has her hospital bracelet on….

Picture 17
Picture 9