Well it turns out that Lil Wayne’s glow in the dark looking facial art that appear on his face in the  “I Am Not A Human Being” music vid are real tattoos that can only be seen with a black light. The full EP will drop on on Sept. 27th, Weezy’s B-day. Also don’t forget, Mack Maine recently told MTV News that the Carter IV could be dropping the same day as Wayne’s release from prison this November.

“We might just drop the album that day,” Mack Maine said recently about putting out C4 the day Weezy is set to get out of prison. “Just hope it don’t leak out and drop it that day. I think it would be crazy, the anticipation.” -Mack Maine

Thanks to Derick G for the new batch of YM related visuals.

Update: RapUp came through with Weezy’s I’m Not A Human Being cover & track list

Track list, Derick G’s behind the scenes at Mack Maine’s “All In One” video shoot, unofficial Drake x Jay-Z “Light Up” video , and more after the jump.

Lil Wayne I’m Not A Human Being Track List

1. “Gonorrhea” feat. Drake
2. “Hold Up” feat. T-Streets
3. “With You” feat. Drake
4. “I Am Not a Human Being”
5. “I’m Single” feat. Drake
6. “What’s Wrong With Them” feat. Nicki Minaj
7. “Right Above It” feat. Drake
8. “Popular” feat. Lil Twist
9. “That Ain’t Me” feat. Jay Sean
10. “Bill Gates”
11. “YM Banger” feat. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, and Tyga
12. “YM Salute” feat. Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, and Nicki Minaj

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Mack Maine tells MTV News that message from Bett Favre made Lil Wayne’s month

“[Vikings tackle] Bryant McKinnie is one of our friends, B-Mac. [Favre] asked B-Mac, ‘How you been?’ B-Mac answered. And he was like, ‘How’s Wayne?’ That was his second question to B-Mac. Those two are real good friends. He said, ‘Let [Wayne] know I been praying for him and send him my love.’ So I let Wayne know that. He said, ‘You just brightened my spirits up for the rest of the month.’ He was real excited.”