Earlier this afternoon, Lil’ Wayne’s first post-prison album, Tha Carter IV sprung a leak. On the track titled “It’s Good”, which also features Drake and Jadakiss, Weezy spit some fire and venom we haven’t heard from him in ages. But these weren’t your ordinary braggadocio rhymes. This is personal:

“Talkin’ bout Baby money, I got ya baby money, Kidnap yo bitch, get that how much you love yo lady money, I know you fake n***a, press yo breaks n***a…”

Yowza! How did we get here?!

This all started in 2009, where Birdman stated in an interview that Lil’ Wayne was more lyrical and had more money than Jay-Z. Shortly after, Hov was asked about the statement by Angie Martinez on Hot 97. Then Forbes Magazine released their 2010 Hip-Hop Cash King list and Jay came in at #1 for a second straight year. Lil’ Wayne came in at  #4. All seemed quiet on the hip hop front until Jan 11th 2011, when Kanye West and Jay-Z unleashed the first single off Watch The Throne, “H*A*M.”

Jay-Z: “Really, you got baby money. Keep it real with n-ggas, N-ggas ain’t got my lady money”

Birdman took the bait and taunted (mainly via Twitter) Jay throughout the year. But to be fair he was constantly put on the spot about the line by interviewers.  When Lil’ Wayne voiced his opinion to MTV’s Sway back in March, saying that he wasn’t looking to start another competition with Jay, he also hinted at a possible response. Is this a justified reaction? What happens next?

Birdman and Jadakiss react on twitter…
Weezy’s full “I’m Good” lyrics…
And the trailer to Lil’ Wayne’s “How To Love”, which premieres later today…
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Miss Info: It’s odd to me that folks seem so offended that Lil Wayne would dare fight back. While I think the kidnap line is a bit overdramatic, the concept that Weezy would take offense at Hov’s line and say something about on his album is no more offensive to me than Hov taking Birdman’s comment personally and dropping a snarky line about it. It’s not like Lil Wayne is the same as Game. Wayne doesn’t make a habit of beef, and the lines don’t seem just for stunts. Reality is, it’s just not feasible that everyone at the top of their game hold hands and play nice…so we’ll see what happens next.

Meanwhile, just as Jadakiss didn’t appreciate it when Beanie Sigel used his Philly concert set to launch his anti-Hov campaign back in 2009, he also didn’t want any parts of the Weezy vs. Hov spat when “I’m Good” leaked:

Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 4.34.36 AM

Birdman….was definitely rubbing his hands together and chuckling. He and Wayne and the whole YMCMB crew will have plenty to talk about this weekend in LA ; )

Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 4.36.55 AM

Wayne’s verse on “I’m Good” (Jay-Z Diss) (Lyrics):

Stop playin’ I ain’t with that bull shit
N****s act like bitches, Sheneneh “Oh my goodness”
This is Wayne’s World, and y’all are just some tourists
Give me three wishes..I wish. I wish. I wish you would bitch!
Brand new pussy, pussy good as baby powder
Two glock 40′s nigga you got 80 problems
Swimmin in the money, I’m a need some fuckin’ goggles
It’s better to give, but we don’t give a fuck about ‘em
I just came home, shit done got real hoe
Lil Weezyana, the boot n***a, steel toe
I ain’t workin’ wit a full deck but I deal hoe
I just touched down, kick the motherfuckin field goal
Talkin’ bout baby money, I got ya baby money
Kidnap yo bitch, get that how much you love yo lady money
I know you fake n***a, press yo breaks n***a

I’ll take you out, that’s a date n***a
I’m a grown ass blood, stop playin wit me
Play asshole, and get a ass whippin
I think you pussy cat, Ha..hello kitty
I just throw the alley opp…to Drake Griffen
I lay ‘em down, Tempur-Pedic
This shits a game of chess, you niggas think its cleavage
It’s Young Money, yeah, tis the season
I give you the business, bitch this a business meeting
My n***s hungry, my bitches greedy
Will a die a bloody murder?, dear Mr. Ouija
N***a I’m straight, my girl a f****t
Potato on the barrel..pop pop pop tato salad


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