Now today, Atlanta photographer Freddyo posted a rumor that, if true**, is so salaciously delicious, I’m almost hoping its true just so that we’ll get to hear about the dueling baby showers, the proud papa speeches (a la last year’s BET Awards admission), and the new-mom battle….Freddyo claims:

“Last week my boy called to tell me that the one and only Nivea was about to have a baby. Yes, she’s pregnant you heard it first on  I would like to be the first to send my congratulation to her and her baby daddy soon to be husband Wayne. The two is said to be marrying  with in the next few months. Hummmm I wonder about that. Wayne will also be having a child with the one and only Ms,  Lauren London  who is also pregnant by him . WOW…. I wonder what they said when they both found out about each other…”

**please note: I do not like to post anything that I don’t believe to be true. And in this case, I want to be clear that I havent heard this from my own personal sources. So its still speculation to me. But I’ve reached out to see if I can get dditional confirmation.**