Lil Wayne thanks the Summer Jam crowd for holding him down while he was in Rikers….and then he, Drake, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled perform “I’m On One” and more…

Mikey: Hot97’s Summer 2011 was amazing. Being that it was my first, I had a lot of screwed up expectations. But with high energy sets from just about all the performers and minimal f*ckery, the entire MissInfo.TV team had a great time. And for our loyal readers, we give you one of our favorite moments of the night. During Weezy’s set, Drake ran out from the backstage unannounced and smashed his verse on “Miss Me.” And then DJ Khaled and Rozay crept out from the shadows to join Drake and shut everything down with “I”m On One.”

MissInfo: Wow. Mikey, you were literally part of Young Money Cash Money Billionaires for 30minutes! LOL. This footage is incredible! I’m exhausted but so happy you guys got to share the fun whether you bought a ticket, got a free pass, or watched it from home. I got tweets from folks watching the ustream in the UK, Australia. Canada, etc. That is so amazing to me…and I just feel like a concert like Summer Jam being streamed is a gamechanger. We’re never going back from this. Everything will be shared. And I’m just really honored I got to take part and talk to you. Anyways, I’ll share more thoughts about Summerjam and the ustream when my brain recovers (I want to hear the pros and cons from you). But one important thing…Mikey, and Gabz (look at their massive Summerjam Photo Gallery!)  did an amazing job tonight. And “I’m On One” was my favorite song of the night. Enjoy!

weezy x Ross x Khaled
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