The battle has begun. After Lil Wayne fired a beef tweet towards Pusha T on Thursday, Funkmaster Flex mentioned he had something major to let off and then debuted Lil’ Wayne’s response to Pusha T’s controversial “Exodus 23:1.” Safe to say, we’re all shocked that Weezy F. Baby doesn’t hold back…actually naming names on this new track, “Goulish.”

MissInfo: Well, well, well….You’d think it was 4th of July, not Memorial Day with all these fireworks. Amazing since that “perceived” shot wasn’t even meant for Wayne. But that’s irrelevant now…because given the history of beef between Lil Wayne and Pusha T (with Drake and The Clipse satellites)…the misinterpreted shots have set off a stockpile of repressed fury. Personally, “Goulish” isn’t exactly a scathing diss. Tepid is more the temperature…But to Wayne’s credit, there is nothing subliminal here. It’s very pointed. So that’s refreshing.
Now…as for rumors that Pusha T already has a Lil Wayne diss song in the stash with a big name feature. My sources say that is not true. However….I will say, this week will be very interesting. The wheels are already in motion. And then there’s next Sunday’s Hot97 Summer Jam. Pusha will be performing at the Summer Jam Festival. YMCMB’s Nicki Minaj will be headlining the main stage. Fasten your seatbelt….

New Music: Lil’ Wayne – “Goulish” (prod. by Swizz Beatz) (Tags) (via In Flex We Trust)

Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love, his head up his ass I’ma have to head-butt him. Gut him…”

Niggas can’t see me, not even a glimpse, too many banana clips I feel like chimps…

Fuckin’ with some niggas that’ll murk y’all. Nigga you softer than a muthafuckin’ nerf ball. Birdcall. What happened to that boy, he was talkin’ shit, we put a clap into that boy… “

UPDATE #1: Drake wants in! During tonight’s Washington DC stop of the Club Paradise tour…He sent a dart right at Pusha T.
Find out what he said…
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According to multiple concertgoers, Drake freestyled in DC tonight:

If you was doin’ 16s when I was 16, and your shit flopped and you switched teams, don’t talk to me, my nigga…

Lil Wayne tweeted…

And Pusha T’s manager Steven Victor chimed in…

Pusha’s manager just tweeted this meme….

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