(previously shot footage of Lauren London and her baby bump at Diddy’s White Party…she looks so pretty pregnant, glowing and still tiny.)

Fuzzy Fantabulous of Big Boy’s Neighborhood cornered Lil Wayne after his LA show a few days ago and asked him that big question…Is Lauren London pregnant with his child?**

Lil Wayne talks to Fuzzy Fantabulous (RadioBigBoy)


3:23 (Fuzzy: “Are there any rumors you wanna squash while you here? Lauren London, she fine, she’s very pregnant with your baby.“) Weezy: “Very pregnant. That’s not rumors, that’s a kid, that’s a child, that’s a life. (So congratulations.) Thank you.

**sadly, that question was not followed by the expected 2nd question…”and what about Nivea? Is that a life, not a rumor, as well?”

drats, foiled again.

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I also laughed at Wayne’s comment about Drake because it reminded me of his nonplussed reaction when Drake collapsed onstage...

1:19 (Fuzzy: “Whats goin on with Drake?“) Weezy: “Man, that boy clumsy, man. this dude fall every 5 minutes. Hes like the coolest dude on the songs but he can’t walk a straight line, nah, I’m just kidding...”