Love this song!

The video took a while, but um….there were some scheduling issues, lol. While Lil Wayne shot his footage with DJ Scoob Doo in his house (Wayne’s living room reminds me of DMX’s in the movie Belly, all its missing is an oiled Taral Hicks on a white leather couch), Gucci Mane was still locked up. Then they switched places, and Gucci shot his parts at the studio, in Atlanta.

More than anything this is kind of like a “MTV Cribs” ep set to music….oh look, Wayne has a painting of himself holding up his Grammy. Oh, and he has the Supreme “F–k ‘Em” bathmat….

Speaking of DJ Scoob Doo, we’re getting together this Thursday in NYC for a special screening of Scoob and Lil Wayne’s DVD “The Nino Brown Part 3” before it drops. Hopefully I’ll get some passes to giveaway : )

Happy 4th of July, by the way.

*I think this youtube is still finalizing so its a bit fuzzy right now….if you’d like to watch a sharper (albeit clean) version, I posted the current Onsmash player after the jump..