If you’ve made even one visit to WorldStarHipHop in the past two weeks (of course you have), you’ve probably noticed this video of a chubby kid with glasses pulling off some strange dance moves. It’s called YEET, and that kid is Lil Meatball, a 13-year-old Dallas, Texas native.

In the two weeks since the original Vine clip was uploaded, YEET has swept the Internet. The Vine has amassed over 115,000 likes and 130,000 revines, spawned countless memes (many of which are truly hilarious) and even has the poster child for viral dance crazes, TerRio, attempting the dance (emphasis on attempting, the poor kid). In other words, YEET is the new Nae Nae.

SayCheezeTV recently sat down with Lil Meatball to learn more about the nation’s newest young innovator and his popular creation. In the eight-minute interview, Meatball explains that he was “just having fun” when his friends filmed him doing the YEET, and admits that he didn’t invent the dance, he only added his flavor to it (although he didn’t say who the real creator is).

He also believes that he could beat TerRio in a dance competition, if such an incredible thing were to be made a reality. Talk that talk, pleghboi.

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YEET Part One:

YEET Part Two:

And now, the funniest YEET memes:

[via Complex]