Lil Kim teamed up with Ray-J for “I Like to Trick,” the first single off her as-yet-untitled album, and from what I hear, the video will feature The Queen Bee showing off the skills she picked up in that pole-dancing class she’s been taking. Should be very interesting, lol. I’ve always been a fan of her sass. (I said sass.)

[audio:02 I like to Trick dirty.mp3]

And just in case, you didn’t get the picture…that Lil’ Kim is a sexually liberated woman and a pioneer in the use of pasties in public…well, I also hear that Kim and Ray-J are heading out on an all-strip club tour. Which is genius to anyone who’s ever seen….how, uh, enthusiastic of a pack of women get on Ladies Night at HunkaBunka’s. And how eagerly men part with their money at Crazy Horse Too. I bet Kim in acrylic heels and Ray J in a sock will be a hot ticket in every town. The romantic history between these two will make for some onstage sparks too.