The Queen Bee Lil Kim debuted her baby bump at The Blonds fashion show last night in Manhattan, even dancing for the NYFW crowd (see photos and video here). And at the afterparty, Kim told The Cut how pregnancy is treating her (and detailed her beauty routine)…

The Cut: Congratulations! You have a mommy glow.
Lil’ Kim: I do? That’s good. Because I feel horrible sometimes. Sometimes, I don’t even want to put on makeup. And sometimes, I feel so unattractive and blah. You know? [But] I’m very happy. The baby takes everything out of me. But for my baby? Whatever it takes.

Meanwhile, Lil Kim’s longtime rapper boyfriend Mr. Papers has stepped forward as the father of the baby…and revealed that the couple is expecting a son!

Royal Jones? Let’s see if that sticks.
In the meantime, check out some photos of the happy couple…
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