Boosie Speaks. The newly-freed Lil Boosie is holding his first post-prison press conference live from New Orleans this afternoon. The conference, hosted by Atlantic Records and Trill Entertainment, begins at 2PM EST.

UPDATE: Conference over. Hit the jump to read Boosie’s best quotes.

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  • On joint album with C-Murder: “I got bigger business to take care of first.”
  • He wrote 1,018 songs in prison.
  • When asked if he had any conjugal visits during his five-year stint, Boosie said no. But added that he “visited” himself many times.
  • He’s been in the studio every night since being released.
  • Yes, he’s working on a new album.
  • “I got a hit for Justin Bieber.”
  • On his time in jail: “I’m a better person.”
  • Jeezy and Webbie held him down while he was incarcerated.
  • Webbie took Boosie’s son fishing while he was locked up. Boosie really appreciated that because he was never able to.
  • “The rap game wide open for me to takeover.”
  • “I went through a lot in prison. You’ll hear about that in the music.”
  • He was on 23 hour and 45 minute lockdown for 21 months.
  • He wrote a movie in prison. It’s called Boosie: The Movie.

Image Credit: Mikey Fresh

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