The last time I was in Chicago, a twitterfriend introduced themselves at this LEP Bogus Boys show, and during a short convo about music…he tried to explain his level of devotion to Lil’ B. The key phrase was Every morning, I pray to Based God, and then I pray to regular God.This actually happened.
But my Chicago friend is not alone. Lil’ B’s cult following goes beyond White sorority girls, Andy Milonakis, Soulja Boy, Too Short, my NMC bromie Meka, and the cool guys of Complex ; ) This week, The Vice Guide to Everything sent host Ryan Duffy to San Francisco to talk to Lil B himself. (thanks to Rory for the clip!)

Best part of the segment is the medley of some of B’s classic name-raps (at the 2:23 minute mark): “I am miley cyrus…paris hilton…bill clinton…ellen degeneres”…and finally “I’m ryan duffy.”
It’s weird how catchy all those hooks are. Lol.

In addition to the Vice TV segment, another priceless source of Based is Lil B’s tumblr…
And the press release announcing Lil B’s new deal with Amalgam Digital had the best bio line in history…
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Noah/Complex pointed out how impressive it is that this guy posts surreal gifs and jpegs (like this and this) on his “Dior Paint” Tumblr daily (although the blog does says ‘Im The Fashion Stylist For “Lil B”‘). But I’d expect nothing less from a guy who’s recent Amalgam Digital record deal press release included this bio:

After a year of leveraging his social networking platforms releasing highly controversial statements from his twitter account; threatening both Kanye West and comedian Lil Duval with rape; calling himself a “pretty b*tch”; starting and ending a dispute with Joe Budden; as well as flooding his fans with wide range of his “rare” music as free downloads via Hulkshare; and utilizing YouTube to unleash a massive influx of home grown videos such as “Looks Like Jesus”, “The Pretty B**ch is Back”, “Paris Hilton”, and “Ellen Degeneres”; it should come as no surprise that the self proclaimed Based God, Lil B takes his internet social savvy and signs to the pioneering new media outfit, Amalgam Digital…

Not mentioned in the bio? That mouth punch on youtube, which B addressed himself.

Mikey’s interview with Lil B for VIBE: Lil B talks Jay Electronica collabo, apologizes to Kanye, & more: “Think Lady Gaga, the rap version”

And this was the first Lil’ B video that I remember watching, and thinking…this kid must have put something in the water system at this college.