After announcing his upcoming lecture at New York University, many are puzzled as to what the Based God will cover during his appearance. Lil’ B talks with Fuse TV to explain how the speaking engagement came about, and what the selected group of people will hear from him come April 11.

“They reached out to me via email. Respect to NYU because they really see what I give to the world and they really believe in me. Respect to [NYU President] John Sexton. I got swag like Sexton. Spread the positive. I wanna keep that super secret until we get there, but what I will tell you is that I specialize in the progression of humans. It’s gonna be a real progressive talk and when everybody leaves, their lives will be changed.”

After the jump, Lil’ B speaks on Madonna playfully singing “Hoes on my d*ck ’cause I am Madonna” in-studio recently….

Madonna recently referenced Based God’s “Hoes on my d*ck ’cause I am Madonna” line (though she mistakenly cited it as Kreayshawn) in studio. Lil’ B spoke on the Material Girl knowing his music exists:

“I love it, man! Oh my god!”

“That’s funny because I feel like I am the hip hop Madonna. I love Madonna so much because, like, I been in the game a while too. My mom is a big fan of Madonna! I got Madonna swag in me. I been rockin’ with Madonna … you feel me? I been rocking with Backstreet Boys,” and sings their hit “Backstreet’s Back.”

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