Yesterday, an ESPN report made the rounds claiming that LeBron James and Kevin Durant, current NBA Finals rivals, recorded a “secret” rap song together back in 2011.

Earlier today, an employee Spider Studios in Ohio — where LeBron and KD worked out together during the 2011 lockout — confirmed the existence of the track by sharing a preview on Twitter. And holy shit, it’s not bad!

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The unnamed employee promised to release the full song if he gets one million retweets, but at 9,575 (and counting), don’t get your hopes up.

According to ESPN, the song was produced by Durant and was even close to appearing in the 2012 film Thunderstruck. “I heard the track years ago during post-production for Thunderstruck,” said agent Eric Goodwin, who executive produced the film. “It was very good. I suggested submitting it to Warner Brothers for the movie soundtrack, but KD wanted to keep it private.”

Of course, this isn’t LeBron nor KD’s first attempt at crossing over; back in 2012, KD released a handful of songs with his boy Privaledge while King James famously freestyled over Jay Z’s “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” in 2014.

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